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We invite you to a journey through Arabia.
Our comprehensive guide will assist you traveling in Yemen and through the other Middle East countries.
The ancient traveler, the hoopoe, will show you a region which jumped recently from an old civilization to the modern age.
You will find travel information about the most important sights of Yemen and all Arab countries, useful travel notes, places to stay, suggested tours and more...!

مرحبا بكم في اليمن!
حن نعزكم على رحلة حول اليمن. دليلنا السياحي سيساعدكم أثناء السفر في اليمن. الهدهد - المسافر القديم - يعرض لكم بلاد الذي دخل من قريب من حضارة قديمة إلى العصر الحديث. سوف تحصلون معلومات عن أهم المناطق السياحية، نصائح للسفر، فنادق، رحلات سياحية مقترحة و أشياء كثيرة أخرى ...!

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Pictures of Yemen
Our galleries contain photos of all regions and important sights of Yemen.
We try to give our guests and visitors a glimpse and visual overview of country and people.
Gallery one - click here [click green button] Gallery two - click here [click green button]
1. Domes of the Ameriyah Mosque in Rada'
2. Fortress Kaukaban
3. Camel-riding in Wadi Hadhramaut
4. Old city of Sana'a with mountain Djabal Nuqqum
5. Clay house in Sa'ada
6. Hotel Aden
7. Windows of Sana'a house
8. Al-Mukalla

9. Alabaster (moonlight) window
10. Silhouette of fortress Al-Hajjarah
11. Cistern in village Hababah
12. Inside the fortress Al-Hajjarah
13. Traditional cloth - Folklore Museum Sana'a)
14. Hotel Hadda - Sana'a
15. Beach in Bir Ali (ancient incense port Qana)
16. Hotel Crescent - Aden
17. Hotel Arabia Felix - Sana'a
18. Hotel Hilltown - Sana'a
Gallery three - click here [click green button] Gallery four - click here [click green button]
19. Iskander Mosque in Zabid
20. Ruins of old city of Marib
21. Djambiyah (traditional dagger)
22. Ruin of minaret in Al-Makha
23. Fish restaurant
24. Ibn Alwan Mosque in Yafrus
25. Shibam/Hadhramaut
26. Minaret - Al-Midhar Mosque in Tarim
27. Rock palace - Dar Al-Hajjar
28. Hotel Bilqis - Marib
29. Village in Haraz mountains
30. Ashrafiyah Mosque in Taiz
31. Typical hut - coastal area of Tihama
32. Queen Arwa Mosque in Djiblah
33. Sarcophagi inside the Aideroos Mosque - Aden
34. Little Big Ben in Tawahi - Aden 
35. Domes of baths - Al-Djanad Mosque
36. Shaharah bridge
Gallery five - click here [click green button] Gallery six - click here [click green button]
37. main gate of the old city of Sana'a -
     Bab Al-Yaman
38. Production of water bubble pipes -
     Friday market of Bait Al-Faqih
39. Dawn - time for the first prayer
40. Marib - temple of the moon god - Mahram Bilqis
41. Houses of fortress Al-Hajjarah
42. Typical Arabian head cover
43. Market in Djiblah
44. With the Bedouins through the desert
45. Market scene - Friday market of Bait Al-Faqih
46. Former palace of the Kathiri sultans  in Sayun
47. Hotel Taj Sheba - Sana'a
48. Hotel Samah - Sayun
49. Hotel Qasr Al-Qubbah - Tarim
50. Hotel Holiday Inn - Al-Mukalla
51. Hotel Shahran - Sana
52. Sindbad village - Al-Khokha
53. Through the desert Al-Rub Al-Khali
54. Going down from Kaukaban to Shibam
Gallery seven - click here [click green button] Gallery eight - click here [click green button]
Marine life in the Red Sea
55. Coral tube worm
56. Damsel fish
57. Fan worm
58. Mount tail grouper
59. Yellow tail surgeon fish
60. Soft coral
61. On the top of mountain Djabal Saber
62. Typical windows of house in Hadhramaut
63. Al-Raudha with Iman Qasim Mosque
64. Moon light window of Sana'a house
65. Fortress Al-Hajjarah
66. Tomb of Ahmad ben Isa (near Sayun)
67. Village Buda in Wadi Doan
68. Village Bait Baus in the South of Sana'a
69. Old wooden door - old city of Sana'a
Gallery nine - click here [click green button]  
Soqotra Island
70. Bottle tree
71. Eagle Egyptian Rakhmah
72. Socotri flower
73. Dragon Blood tree
74. River-valley Wadi Defarho
75. Qalansiyah beach
Photo index - all pictures are copyright by Edition VASCO except:
36, 38, 52 (Ibrahim Al-Attab) - 47 (Hotel Taj Sheba) - 48 (Bazara Travel & Tourism)
49, 64, 66 (Jürgen Kentenich) - 50 (Hotel Holiday Inn) - 51 (Universal Tourism Company)
53, 54, 65 (Enric Morral) - 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60 (Yemen Explorers Com.) - 61, 62, 63 (
68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 (Signore Luca)
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