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28a.jpg (26980 bytes)
picture 28:
Hotel Bilqis - Marib
29a.jpg (42373 bytes)
picture 29:
village in Haraz mountains
30a.jpg (20192 bytes)
picture 30:
Ashrafiyah Mosque in Taiz
31a.jpg (34221 bytes)
picture 31:
typical hut in coastal area
of Tihama
32a.jpg (27682 bytes)
picture 32:
Oueen Arwa Mosque in Djiblah
33a.jpg (39453 bytes)
picture 33:
Aideroos Mosque in Aden -
34a.jpg (27853 bytes)
picture 34:
Little Big Ben in Tawahi - Aden
35a.jpg (39764 bytes)
picture 35:
domes of baths - Al-Djanad Mosque
36a.jpg (28524 bytes)
picture 36:
Shaharah bridge

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