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37a.jpg (28696 bytes)
picture 37:
main gate of the old city of Sana'a -
Bab Al-Yaman
38a.jpg (33252 bytes)
picture 38:
production of water bubble pipes -
Friday market of Bait Al-Faqih
39a.jpg (8120 bytes)
picture 39:
dawn - time for the first prayer
40a.jpg (27986 bytes)
picture 40:
temple of the Moon God in Marib -
Mahram Bilqis
41a.jpg (39096 bytes)
picture 41:
houses of fortress Al-Hajjarah
42a.jpg (30187 bytes)
picture 42:
typical Arabian head cover
43a.jpg (36862 bytes)
picture 43:
market in Djiblah
44a.jpg (35362 bytes)
picture 44:
with the Bedouins through the desert
45a.jpg (37225 bytes)
picture 45:
market scene -
Friday market in Bait Al-Faqih

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