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61a.jpg (21600 bytes)
picture 61:
On the top of mountain Djabal Saber
60a.jpg (21960 bytes)
picture 42:
Typical windows of house in Hadhramaut
59a.jpg (21600 bytes)
picture 63:
Al-Raudha with Iman Qasim Mosque
58a.jpg (18900 bytes)
picture 64:
Moon light window of Sana'a house
57a.jpg (21060 bytes)
picture 65:
Fortress Al-Hajjarah
56a.jpg (21780 bytes)
picture 66:
Tomb of Ahmad ben Isa - near Sayun
62a.jpg (22200 bytes)
picture 67:
Buda in Wadi Doan
63a.jpg (7,077 bytes)
picture 68:
Village Bait Baus in the South of Sana'a
64a.jpg  (7,212 bytes)
picture 69:
Old wooden door - old city of Sana'a

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