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We invite you to a journey through Arabia.
Our comprehensive guide will assist you traveling in Yemen and through the other Middle East countries.
The ancient traveler, the hoopoe, will show you a region which jumped recently from an old civilization to the modern age.
You will find travel information about the most important sights of Yemen and all Arab countries, useful travel notes, places to stay, suggested tours and more...!

مرحبا بكم في اليمن!
حن نعزكم على رحلة حول اليمن. دليلنا السياحي سيساعدكم أثناء السفر في اليمن. الهدهد - المسافر القديم - يعرض لكم بلاد الذي دخل من قريب من حضارة قديمة إلى العصر الحديث. سوف تحصلون معلومات عن أهم المناطق السياحية، نصائح للسفر، فنادق، رحلات سياحية مقترحة و أشياء كثيرة أخرى ...!

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Soqotra Island  Socotra tour
Day Program Accommodation
01 - Friday Transfer airport Sana'a, Flight to Socotra Island, excursion Deleesha beach, overnight in Hadibu city Hotel
02 - Saturday Start the trek with camels to the Hegher Mountains, Walk up Wadi Deneghen - from 50 m above sea level to 1400 m (top of the island)
visit the high mountains of Hegher - the highest density of vegetation on the island, overnight at the palm oasis of Deresmoiten village - at the heart of the island
03 - Sunday continue through the Da'reho canyon Shebahon and Dixam areas,
fresh water pools at Wadi De'erhor - crystal-clear waters, walk through the Da'erho canyon - lush vegetation, birds and water,
overnight at the fresh water pools
04 - Monday continue through Defsha Mountains to the southern coast of the island,
on the way – the strange dragon blood trees and old Socotri villages, arrive at the Nojed coast at Amak beach – gorgeous sand beaches as far as you can see, overnight at Amak
05 - Tuesday Explore the southern coast of Socotra, swim at Amak beach,
visit Degub cave, visit the great sand dunes of Hayf and Zahek,
drive through Defarho canyon – water pools, lush vegetation and old villages, visit Defarho fresh water pools, overnight at Hazen village – an old Socotri village still in tact
06 - Wednesday Drive back to Hadibu, visit local pottery making – the hand made art,
visit the local plants nursery – local efforts to save the native trees,
visit Ayhft canyon – lush vegetation, beautiful landscape and huge native tress, swim at Holaf area – sandy beach and local boats, sunset at Holaf
07 - Thursday Visit Qarya lagoon – the largest lagoon on the island with occasional flamingos, drive to Homhil Protected area – the land of frankincense,
visit Frankincense forest – the ancient forest of Arabic gum,
visit Homhil viewpoint – over look the eastern coast amongst the dragon blood trees, overnight at Homhil
08 - Friday continue to Momi plateau – open grasslands with many old villages,
visit Momi grasslands – the ancient mysterious walls,
visit Dehof viewpoint – the Socotri kindness and hospitality
09 - Saturday Walk to Hoq cave – 2.5 km of underground history, explore Hoq cave, overnight at Hala coast – the land of good fish camping
10 - Sunday continue to Wadi Areher – fresh water originating from the caves. Swim in Areher river – the fresh water bath right in the sea, visit Areher fresh water stream, overnight at Areher camping
11 - Monday continue  to the West coat, boat ride to Dihamri marine protected area – the coral reef spot, swim and snorkel at Dihamri, overnight at Dihamri camping
12 - Tuesday Provisioning in Hadibu, Visit Detwah lagoon protected area – the breath taking landscape, Sun set and overnight at Detwah camping
13 - Wednesday Boat ride to Shu'ab mangrove – a trip in the Arabian sea,
swim and snorkel in Shu'ab – enjoy a virgin sea,
back to Detwah lagoon – a lifetime sunset
14 - Thursday Visit Qaisoh palm oasis – running water and palm forest,
drive back to Hadibu
15 - Friday Transfer to Socotra airport, Flight to Sana'a,
stay in Sana'a or departure
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